Case Study

Imagine learning a new language that has an unfamiliar script, unfamiliar grammar constructs, and no environment or opportunity to practice your learning outside of the classroom. Now, imagine time running out and options getting limited with each passing day. This is what children in government schools face.

The impact that our programs have is astounding. People from all walks of life are able to teach in government schools with minimal time commitment and training. Government school teachers are becoming better skilled in English and children are equipped with basic English in just 70-120 hours. They are filled with confidence that they can learn anything — to the extent that they are enrolling in English medium government schools for higher grades. These children are getting a better chance at life.


total students impacted


total hours spent by volunteers


total classes taught


total number of teachers trained.

Overall Benefit of REAP and PEP

  • Before the start of the program, 84% of the children were at the small letter level or below and only 5% of the children could read small sentences

  • After the program, 85% of the children could read words, 68% could read small sentences, half the children could read paragraphs, and about 30% could read small stories

Success Stories

Results & Transformation

  • Increase in average class attendance and enrollment post program implementation

  • Improvement of confidence levels among children, arising from enhanced learning skills

  • Children more congruent of basic civic sense, gender equality, self-expression, and respecting others’ perspectives

  • Volunteers empowered to take on new roles within their organization or start something new

  • Volunteers who can’t speak the local language learn to speak a new language