Programs - TEP

Teacher Empowerment
Program (TEP)

TEP is designed to support lower-primary government school teachers, teaching English to students between the 1st and 5th grades. It is implemented along with REAP  and is supported with training programs and resources to enhance efficacy in the use of government textbooks by the government school teachers.

The support provided in the resources that are part of this program hand-holds the teachers and builds capacity in them to conduct their English lessons with more accuracy and confidence.


  • The REAP-TEP programs benefit about 200 children and build English language capabilities in 4 teachers in every school that they are implemented in


  • TEP is enmeshed with the government stipulated syllabus for grades 1 through 5. It gives the freedom of designing lesson plans to the teacher as per the requirements of each semester

Teaching and Learning Materials

  • Designed to provide support to the teachers while boosting their English skills and their confidence in and understanding of their English knowledge as they teach the government stipulated syllabus

  • Teachers are trained with phonics and are provided with resource books that offer detailed suggestions on how to conduct various language building activities

  • Teachers are provided with audio tracks for each textbook unit that they can use away from class to enhance their English language capability, while planning their upcoming lessons

Current News for REAP-TEP

  • MoU signed with the Department of Education, Government of Karnataka where the REAP-TEP programs will be implemented in all 22,000 Karnataka upper-primary government schools over the next 3 years, benefitting 50 lakh children and building capacity in 50,000 teachers

  • Pilot completed in 10 rural and semi-urban schools successfully

  • First launch of 100 schools in October, 2019

Content and Curriculum

  • Phonic sounds of alphabets

  • Training teachers to sound out and read the words

  • Audio recording of the entire English textbook to aid teachers in preparation of each lesson

  • Kannada translations in teacher’s resource book for all English lessons

  • Coupled with guided reading in audio recordings, this helps in improving English skills in teachers

  • Recommendations in Kannada customized to each textbook activity

  • Detailed examples

  • Establishing context to non-indigenous content

  • Questions and solutions to problems