Programs - REAP

Remedial English Accelerated
Program (REAP)

The need for English education to improve employability and reduce the digital divide in vernacular-medium English schools are widely understood. The constraints imposed on the primary schools in the government school system due to the severe shortage and capacity shortfall in government school teachers are less understood. The huge learning gaps and the wide variation in the English abilities of students in high schools make it almost impossible even for good English teachers to teach the curriculum effectively. The REAP enables students who need extra help to reach their grade-level competency very quickly, thus equipping students to approach their board exams with better English skills and confidence in themselves.

The customized curriculum of REAP addresses the specific needs of government school children. The integrated skills approach and interactive lesson plans in the program build confidence by improving reading, comprehension, conversation, writing skills, as well as other skills required for independent learning in as short a time as possible.

The REAP is taught by government school teachers. The program is customized for these teachers with easy to follow, innovative teaching methods that enhance teacher capacity and confidence. The modular structure enables teacher training to be completed in just about 10 hours. We provide scripted bilingual lesson plans and a complete package of teaching-learning materials including music players, sound tracks, student books, and tests, as well as consistent support and monitoring throughout the program.

Impact Measurement

ASER test levels prior to the start of the program and at the end of the program

Before the start of the program, 72% of the children were at a small letter level.
With only half the program completed on average, 80% could read words,
57% could read sentences, 34% could read paragraphs, and 17% could read stories.


  • REAP benefits about 40 children and build English capacity in 2 teachers in every school that it is implemented in

Teaching and Learning Material (TLM)

  • Designed to support learning at the quickest pace, while keeping in mind that the children have no external support

  • Teacher instruction books detailing the usage of time and material, audio tracks for songs and concepts ensure capacity building and effective use of the teacher’s time

  • Colorful textbooks, exciting workbooks, conversation modules make the learning process enjoyable for the children

  • All the materials are integrated with carefully thought-through, proprietary teaching methodologies to create a program package that ensures maximum impact

Program Duration

  • 70 1-hour sessions taught by government school teachers


  • REAP is available with Kannada and Hindi support

  • Sponsors of the program can view the progress of all the classes that they support through the SUFI proprietary app

Current news for REAP-TEP

  • REAP is available with Kannada and Hindi support

  • This year, REAP has been successfully implemented in Karnataka and Chhattisgarh in 27 and 21 government schools respectively

    Content and Curriculum

    • Identification of letter sounds

    • Accelerated reading through phonics

    • Techniques to learn sight words

    • Level of reading gradually rising over the program to include complex words

    • Culmination in building skills in children to be able to read any text in English

    • Thematic vocabulary and vocabulary related to content

    • Focused Q&A constructs

    • Workbook activities

    • Verbal discussions around content to cover most common situations

    • Simple thematic conversation games based on grammar concepts taught

    • Picture-based conversation

    • Scripted conversation in the form of plays

    • Free-flowing conversation through discussions around stories and poems

    • Fragmentation and word-building techniques to aid spelling

    • Sentence constructs through activities and q&a associated with each unit

    • Basic letter writing and ability to express individuality